24 November, 2013

BBFC Ratings

BBFC Ratings

12 Rating:
The ‘12’ symbol means that anyone aged 12 or over can go and see the film unaccompanied.  The overall tone of a film and the way it makes the audience feel may affect the classification. For example, a film with dark and sinister tones could disturb an audience and so the rating may be increased from a ‘12’ to a ‘15’. Moderate violence are sometimes present, however, there is no emphasis on injuries or blood. Action sequences and weapons may be present at ‘12’ films, and also long fight scenes. Weapons, which may be easily accessible to 12 year olds, are not glamorised within films of this rating. Dangerous behaviour may also be present within these films, however, they are not detailed and the activities are not presented as pain or harm free. There may also be infrequent sight of drugs misuse, but the portrayal should be glamorised or provide instructional details.

(12 Age Rating Symbol)
15 Rating:
The ‘15’ symbol means that nobody under the age of 15 is allowed to see the film, as it is unsuitable for anyone under the age. No themes are prohibited, provided the treatment is appropriate for 15 year olds. This rating is stronger than the ‘12’ rating as it can include strong violence, frequent strong language, portrayals of sexual activity, discriminatory language or behaviour and drug taking. There could be potentially be a vast amount of strong language as there is no limit for the uses, however, continued or aggressive use may not be normally passed at 15. There may also be strong violence, it should not dwell on the infliction of pain or injury and gory images are permitted, and easily accessible weapons may not be glamorised. Many films of the horror genre are passed at this rating, as there can be strong threat and menace, although strongest gory images are unlikely to be acceptable. The use of drug taking may also be shown, however it must not promote or encourage drug misuse.

(15 Age Rating Symbol)
18 Rating:
Films rated 18 are for adults and no one under the age is allowed to see the film at the cinema. This is because the 18 rated works are not suitable for children. No themes are prohibited and adults are free to pick their own entertainment within the law, so it may be possible some themes tacked at 18 may be offensive even to some adult viewers. 18 works can contain strong issues such as very strong violence, frequent strong language, strong portrayals of sexual activity, strong horror, strong blood and gore and discriminatory language and behaviour. There is no limit of the number of uses of strong or very strong language that may be passed at this rating. Uses can be aggressive, directed, frequent or accompanied by strong violence. There may also be racist, homophonic or other discriminatory language and works could explore themes relating to this. Strong violence may also be portrayed in detail. There may even be dwelling on the infliction of pain or injury, or scenes of strong sadistic violence. The strongest gory images are permitted at this category. The strongest horror works are passes at this level and may contain strong gore or sustained threat and menace, which exceed the boundaries of 15. Drug taking may also be shown, but the product may not promote or encourage drug misuse.

(18 Age Rating Symbol)
Rating for Opening Sequence: 
After reviewing the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) website, our group decided to certify our opening sequence to a ‘15’ rating. This means that only people of the age of 15 or above may view the film at the cinema. We decided to pick this rating as the sequence may lead to violence and unacceptable behaviour, creating a bad influence on those who are under aged and may try to copy what they have witnessed. However, teenagers of the ages of 15 or above may be more mature and understand that the violence is unacceptable and the consequences they may go through if they had repeated what they have seen on screen. Weapons may also be shown on screen, showing how they may be used later on the film that may not be suitable for children who are under aged. Children may also gain fear over the object being used, however older teenagers may realise it is only for filming purposes. The film may also not be suitable for those who suffer from epilepsy as various flashing images, or somewhat subliminal images may flash continuously across the scenes. 

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